Stryker Offspring

Offspring Crossbow

  • Ultra-quiet and smooth
  • Reduced vibration and recoil
  • Ambidextrous Ergo-grip thumbhole stock
  • 3.5 lb. match-grade trigger
  • Excalibur ADF scope mount
  • Quick two-piece disassembly
  • IBO/ATA Speed: 360 fps
  • Weight: 6.5 lbs


Stryker Offspring – Willies Fish & Game

Stryker Crossbows and Excalibur Crossbow have joined forces to create the Offspring, the industry’s first-ever combination compound and recurve crossbow. A perfect engineering collaboration married Stryker’s innovative compound limb design with Excalibur’s rugged and dependable stock assembly to create a truly impressive and powerful crossbow. “The Offspring delivers the very best in technology, durability and safety from two industry leading crossbow manufacturers,” said Jeff Suiter of Stryker Marketing. “Stryker and Excalibur are two brands that have led the industry in quality and performance, and now consumers have a crossbow that features the best of both brands.”

The Offspring is a smooth-shooting and ultra-quiet crossbow capable of firing bolts at speeds up to 360 fps with a 150-pound draw weight and a 13-inch power stroke. A 3.5-pound match-grade trigger makes for easy, silent shooting, and a compact, ambidextrous Ergo-grip thumbhole stock provides extra protection. The Offspring also has technology to reduce vibration and recoil, delivering a more accurate shot every time. The Offspring spans a compact 20 inches in width, measures 37.5 inches in length and weighs just seven pounds. It features a silent manual safety, and includes Excalibur’s Guardian Anti-Dry Fire scope mount. The crossbow also quickly dissembles into two pieces for transport.

The Offspring is available in BlackOps™ and Mossy Oak® Break Up Country™. The complete package includes a multi-retical scope, ADF scope mount, three Octane Accustrike carbon arrows, a four-arrow quiver and bracket, three 100-grain field points and a rope cocking aid.

Available Excalibur accessories for the Offspring include a cheekpiece, stock extender, C2 mechanical crank, Offspring R.E.D.S. Dampeners (Recoil Energy Dissipation System) and a stealth silencing kit.